How did a smart UX approach help users learn Intrigma new features?
Initial request
Intrigma is a web-platform for medical employees. Platform helps to manage in an effective way the doctors' shifts and suggest the best working schedule for them. The service has two roles: administrator and doctor.
Our aim was to update the design so that the functionality became more accessible, and the load on the service didn't increase. When the project came to us, Intrigma was already used by many large clinics.
It helped us a lot as we could collect feedback from real users and adapt the platform to meet their needs.

As a result, we made three iterations in redesigning.
Together with the client, we continue to work successfully on the implementation of new functionality.

2015, 1st redesign:
Users' impact in the development
When we released the first design update, we decided to collect feedback from users. Before the revamp, people had been using the service for a long time and it was necessary to understand the success of the changes. We gave users the ability to attach screenshots with descriptions. Users could suggest improvements or highlight their issues. All feedback our team analyzed for the next release.
2017, 2nd redesign:
Power of prioritization
As soon as we analyzed users' feedback and saw that not all of them switched to the new version, our team started updating the UX. We prioritized convenient work with the calendar over smooth and beautiful animations. It was important to provide intuitive functionality. At this stage, our team thought about improving doctors functionality. We updated «requests». This feature allows doctors to change shifts between each other and edit them. After we released this version, all users switched to the new version. Sounds like a success!
2023, 3rd redesign:
New functionality for administrators
Under this release, we paid attention to the administrator role. We prepared a completely new
UI for them, expanded the fields and buttons for convenient interaction with the platform, and added improvements to the calendar. We made a design adaptation so each element looks the same on any device.

Set up the process and interaction with the client
Due to the fact that we've been working with the client for many years, we have interacted with various representatives. We need to find an approach to each of them and understand their request. Decisions had to be made quickly, so we took on most of the business logic. Thank you for your trust!

Thanks to our expertise, we:
• assisted in finding BE developer;
• helped with business analytics;
• set up BI and collect data from the backend.

It was necessary to take into account the interaction in different time zones between doctors and administrators. Therefore, we thought about the correct setting of time zones on the backend.
Calendar is a core-feature with plenty of animations. We have modernized the schedule generation and made it show results quicker.
Now we are writing auto-tests to speed up the process of testing features and getting them into production.

Productive collaboration and satisfied users
As a result of work, all users switched to the new version of the platform and shared feedback that now the interaction has become convenient and clear. Intrigma is used by such companies as: TELADOC, NextCare, CITYMD and others. The systematic addition of features made it painless for users to get used to the new interface. We have a long term plan for adding more useful features and supporting the existing ones.